Robert James Fischer

The question “Who is/was the best chess player of all time?” will probably never find a satisfiable answer. Every chess player has different preferences, style, convictions, etc. Thus, it’s natural that mixed opinions about the illusive best chess player of all time exist. What defines best, anyway? Is it merely a synonym for “strongest”? Did they play the computer-preferred move as many times as anyone else? Is the best player of all time defied by their established dominance over their contemporaries?

I have my views, as well. And I am here to share my opinions on this topic today.

As you may have deduced by reading the title of the article, my favourite player of all time is none other than Bobby Fischer. I would now like to back my claim up with some of his best games. I will also provide some biography, so that you can grasp an understanding of Fischer’s development and character. For a broader understanding of Fischer’s biography, I highly recommend that you watch this video by Lucas Anderson and FM Warren Harper:

March 9th, 1943

Bobby Fischer was born in Chicago, but moved to New York at the age of 6. It was also in New York where he learnt about the art of chess, when his older sister gifted him his first chessboard.

…Work in Progress…

October 17th, 1956

Let us then begin with his most famous game. It was dubbed the “game of the century”, as Fischer beat IM Donald Byrne, one of America’s best players at the time. He would later also beat his brother, GM Robert Byrne, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

(NOTE: Fischer has the black pieces.)